Posted by: Bargain Hunter | January 2, 2010

Update on chemo treatment

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a lovely Christmas with your loved ones and wish you a Prosperous New Year!

On December 23rd, I started my first cycle of chemo (3 drugs) and have had two infusions so far.  Since I was healthy going into the first infusions, the side effects haven’t been too bad.  I take nausea pills before, during and after chemo infusions, so the nausea has been under control.  Some days I feel yucky and take it easy.  The most common side effect, so far, has mostly been with my stomach, some days I feel like I am having stomach flu and it lasts for hours.  Starting last weekend, I have lived on a very bland diet of cream of wheat, french bread and bananas.  When I deviate, then I pay for it. 

I am learning to take nausea pills consistently and to anticipate feeling sick so the medicine is in my body before the sickness starts.

Yesterday I sneaked in some cake and ice-cream because it was my birthday and fortunately, I am feeling okay today.  

I go every Tuesday for chemotherapy drug infusions of Herceptin and every three weeks for infusions of Docetaxel, Carboplatin and Herceptin.  This will continue for 18 weeks,  then I start 6 weeks of radiation treatment and Herceptin for another five months.

My children and grandchildren have been with us and we spent a memorable Christmas together.  Having them around us has been of great help, especially with cooking and cleaning and just by being distracted from the chemo effects.

Michelle is helping me getting started with my first attempt at blogging.  Hopefully, I can learn to post pictures along the way. 

I appreciate all your thoughts and prayers!

 It really strengthens me and keeps me going.  I will continue to add more information on my battle with cancer as this long journey unfolds.

Christmas 2008, our six children (minus Bob who was sick) plus spouses

This is our traditional "candy cane bread" that we make every Christmas.



  1. Cute title and screen name….way to go Mish! You’ll catch on quick, Ma, and have a lot of fun. Thanks.

  2. Fabulous pictures. Delicious bread! FUN! Thanks!

  3. Hi Anna, so good to hear your news and to know how you are doing. We think of you often….I will be putting your name on the Temple prayer roll each week on Wed. Hope you are having a good day today. Love, Diana & Chuck. P.S. How about a Red wig? Ha!!

  4. Anna, I love your blog! Blogging has been tremendous therapy for me, and I hope you find the same for you. It’s wonderful to keep up with you this way. You are in my thoughts and prayers as you embark on this long journey. Victory, my friend! Nothing short of victory for you!
    With all my love,

  5. I just love that family picture! The expressions are priceless! Keep positive thoughts in your being! Our prayers are with you!

  6. We didn’t know you were undergoing chemo and fighting cancer. You will be in our prayers. Please keep us in the loop.

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